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PT Akulaku Silvrr Indonesia

Informasi Perusahaan

We are an Internet company focused on e-commerce and online financial services in southeast Asian countries.
We established our offices in five countries/regions, providing localized services to our users, including online shopping and installment.
Akulaku is the first ever online installment shopping mall which you can buy every items in installment.

Position Virtual Category Operation
Perusahaan PT Akulaku Silvrr Indonesia
Alamat Indonesia – Jakarta Raya – Jakarta Pusat – Sudirman
Min 2 tahun (Supervisor/Koordinator)
Job Description:
1. Have a basic understanding of the e-commerce development of the virtual recharge industry, be familiar with the industry trends of the online and offline virtual recharge industry, and be able to effectively integrate them into the industry’s management, and make targeted operating strategies
2. According to the needs of the platform, formulate project plans that are closely related to the development of the industry, and make a development plan by combining the characteristics of the platform and the development direction of the platform
3. Through data analysis, summarize the common problems in operation, and combine the category situation, use platform-based thinking and operation methods to propose and implement professional solutions;
4. Continuously study consumers' shopping minds on e-commerce platforms, and continuously improve consumers' shopping experience and service satisfaction on the platform, and finally form a reputation for service certainty of platform shopping
5. Be able to coordinate various problems encountered in daily operations across departments, and form a complete  operation process through continuous problem solving and precipitation.
Job Requirements:
1. More than 2 years of experience in the virtual recharge industry is preferred;
2.  Understand market trends and industry trends, and be sensitive to market, brand and consumer trends;
3. Have strong logical thinking ability, strong data analysis ability, familiar with consumer trends and strong insight.
4. Fluent in English

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