Merchandise Manager Karyamitra Budisentosa,PT

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Karyamitra Budisentosa,PT

Informasi Perusahaan

Company Profile PT. Karyamitra Budisentosa

PT. Karyamitra Budisentosa is a manufacturer of footwear, retail and trading of leather shoes. Specialize in leather, textile and synthetic ladies shoes product for 10 years experience. Retail ladies shoes company with 3 brands Rotelli, Gosh, Bellagio

Product & Services
Shoes, bags and accesories  for ladies with brands : Rotelli, Bellagio, Gosh
Market :
Export (Europe, Australia, Singapore etc).
Domestic (Rotelli, Gosh & Bellagio brand which has in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta etc.
Office Address :
Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto 39-41
Ruko Sentra Fortuna Kav 36, Indonesia
Ph. 62-31-5317843/5320945/5317637
Fax 62-31-5313799
Customer Care : +62-31-535 55 33
Factory Address :
Jl. Gunung Gangsir 1A Desa Nogosari, Kec Pandaan Pasuruan
East Java, Indonesia.
Ph. 62-343-631087/631089
Fax. 62-343-631088

Position Merchandise Manager
Perusahaan Karyamitra Budisentosa,PT
Alamat Indonesia – Jawa Timur – Surabaya – Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto 39-41 kav. 36 Surabaya
Min 2 tahun (Manajer/Asisten Manajer)

  1. Graduate with S1 Degree with GPA > 3,00
  2. Fluent both oral & written in English
  3. Minimum 2 years experience in fashion retail/online industries
  4. Detail oriented leadership, able to make process and instant decision
  5. Leading a team of professional buyers to negotiate domestically & internationally
  6. Outgoing personality with passion to achieve beyond the dream
  7. Able to forecast the market needs in advance of 6 months
  8. Trend setter
  9. To build and maintain a cordial relationship with suppliers designers to achieve a win-win situation for mutual benefit
  10. Able to travel domestically and internationally at a short notice
  11. Will be base in Surabaya Office
Job Description:
  1. Responsible for company asset and cash flow through strict control of stock and stock turn
  2. Long & short term business plan
  3. To establish marketing plan and to ensure it's follow through and to react changes according to market needs
  4. Maintain the minimum plan margin
  5. Manage and motivate a team of buyers distribution
  6. To initiate fashion trend
  7. Working with advertising & promotion team with top class product to enhance our brand image
  8. Managing stock turn over
  9. Monitoring of stock distribution to all stores according to the rules

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