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PT Formulatrix Indonesia

Informasi Perusahaan

Formulatrix is committed to providing the life science community with the most innovative robotic automation equipment and software on the market. Our team doesn't simply upgrade the systems everyone else is making – we reinvent the technology, producing the smartest, fastest, and most efficient imagers and liquid handlers available.
Since its inception in 2002, Formulatrix has grown from a one-person enterprise with a single product into an international company with a line of imagers, software, and liquid handlers that all fifteen of the top pharmaceutical companies use in their research. We continue to expand our reach into new markets with products like the Tempest, a high-throughput dispenser with many applications to a broad range of industries.
We think that developing top-notch laboratory equipment is congruent with having fun! At Formulatrix we have a casual dress code, an open-door environment, and even grill-outs every Friday of the summer. We think a positive attitude goes a long way to meet project deadlines and deliver quality support.
Most of all, we aim to convert our customers into loyal clients through the quality of our products and customer service. Our imagers run nightly diagnostics and send us summary emails every morning, alerting us when equipment needs maintenance before the user is even aware of an issue. We believe that if we make excellent products that outstrip the competition and commit to full product support, we will continue to expand our influence as a world leader in protein crystallization and liquid handling.

Formulatrix was established in 2002 to provide protein crystallization automation solutions. Since then, we've started developing the next generation of liquid handlers using microfluidic technology. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, we supply software and robotic automation solutions to leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world. Our team works tirelessly to provide the best products in the industry with support that is second to none.


Position Maintenance Injection
Perusahaan PT Formulatrix Indonesia
Alamat Indonesia – Jawa Tengah – Salatiga
Min 2 tahun (Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor))
Job Description
  •  Melakukan maintenance mesin injeksi dan alat pembantu secara rutin dan berkala.
  • Melakukan perbaikan alat dan mesin untuk kerusakan ringan.
  • Melakukan koordinasi dan komunikasi untuk kerusakan alat dan mesin yang membutuhkan perbaikan lebih lanjut dari pihak teknisi supplier.
  • Memastikan mesin injeksi selalu dalam kondisi prima dan siap untuk produksi.
  • Pendidikan min. SMK jurusan Mesin
  • Memiliki pengalaman di bidang perawatan dan perbaikan mesin injeksi
  • Disiplin dan Bertanggung Jawab
  • Mampu bekerja sama dengan Team
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di Salatiga

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