Backend Developer (Penempatan Yogyakarta) PT Sukses Integritas Perkasa

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PT Sukses Integritas Perkasa

Informasi Perusahaan

We are an online company that specialized in Digital Payment, where each member can purchase and sell online. Smart In Pays engaged in partnership businesses, mostly concentrating on Digital Payment such as PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) for Water and Electricity Payment, Prepaid Vouchers, Internet Payment, Airline Tickets, Train Tickets, Hotels, Shuttle Bus, Umroh, Tour Packages online, and Selling Products.
Smart In Pays is a company that emerged as the answer to the ideals of life change and improving standards of living in Indonesia. Smart In Pays is formed to stimulate entrepreneurship capacity for each member especially in Tour Travel and Digital Payment Transaction. Supported by modern Information Technology, Smart In Pays will optimize its function in assisting the creation of new business opportunities for Indonesian peoples.

Position Backend Developer (Penempatan Yogyakarta)
Perusahaan PT Sukses Integritas Perkasa
Alamat Indonesia – Yogyakarta – Kotagede
Min 1 tahun (Lulusan baru/Pengalaman kerja kurang dari 1 tahun)
Tanggung Jawab Utama
  • Mendevelop program/aplikasi sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan.
  • Melakukan troubleshoot dan bug fixing terhadap error yang terjadi.
  • Melakukan uji coba program yang telah dibuat.
  • Terbiasa menggunakan bahasa pemrograman php
  • Memahami Laravel Framework, git, oop, API json, normalisasi database
  • Paham konsep transactional dan relational db

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